Best of the rest: 10 noteworthy Day Zero CES gadgets at a glance

So, pulling back the curtain a little bit here: for the press, CES is segmented into three distinct parts. There's the "first day" (Sunday), which is when a big press event called CES Unveiled kicks off the festivities. It's really just a meet and greet, but some times you see some cool stuff — a waterproof tablet or a surprisingly alluring thermostat, for instance.

After that, even though Monday is really the second day, it's known as Day Zero. All the big press events go down, and it's mostly spent standing in long lines and hoping whatever you're waiting for doesn't fill up (and, as a result, you're turned away).

Even though the Las Vegas Convention Center show floor didn't open until today — Day Zero is, as you have no doubt seen, packed full of goodies. These are some things we saw, liked and wanted to tell you about while we're off running around looking for more awesome concepts and prototypes (like this guy).

Raymond Wong and Evan Ackerman contributed to this post.

Posted on location at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. All images taken by Kevin Hall, Evan Ackerman and Raymond Wong for DVICE.

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