Asus prototyping laptops with built-in Kinect sensors

With a sea of Ultrabooks coming out soon and Windows 8 on track for a release by the end of the year, it's time PC makers start differentiating themselves. Tobii's eye-tracking tech is really cool, and word on the block is that Asus is working to integrate Kinect sensors directly into laptops.

The Daily says that its managed to test a few of the Kinect-ed laptops over the last few days and report that an "array of small sensors stretch over the top of the screen where the webcam would normally be" and "at the bottom of the display is a set of what appear to be LEDs."

The fact that the prototypes are running Windows 8 is interesting. We already know that Microsoft is going to release a Kinect sensor that'll officially be Windows compatible and able to detect gestures from close distances (16 to 20-inches) for $250.

Building Kinect sensors right into laptops is a sensible move, especially since Microsoft is baking Xbox Live deep into Windows 8. Whether the sensors will be used primarily for gaming, media controls, or business applications is uncertain, but it looks like Microsoft wants to slap Kinect in everything. We hear it's coming to TVs too.

You've all seen the awesome Kinect hacks. Need we say more?

Via The Daily

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