Apple wants to make publishing easy with 'GarageBand of e-books'

The invites have been sent and Apple's plans have reportedly already leaked out ahead of Thursday's event. Centered around education, Ars Technica reports Apple's planning to show tools that'll make it super easy to create interactive e-books.

To further accelerate iBooks and digital textbook expansion, Apple will release an app that's being called the "GarageBand for e-books." It'll be similar to the way the company has offered tools like iMovie for editing videos and GarageBand for making music.

The new tool will supposedly not only allow text and images to be easily slapped together, but also interactive video, audio, charts, and social media. Perhaps sharing on Facebook integration? (Twitter's already integrated into iOS 5).

We've no idea how simple the publishing tool will be, but according to Ars Technica, the tools developers are using now are frustrating and clunky.

Could Apple do to e-books what it's already done to digital music, Web site building and video editing?

Let's be clear though, Apple's not going to sell you digitally published e-books, magazines, textbooks, etc. It's only going to provide easy-to-use tools to creative hives who will do the content creating.

Combined with the rumors about the iPad 3 having a Retina Display and double the battery life, and consuming e-books, magazines or textbooks sounds even more delightful on Apple's tablet.

Via ArsTechnica

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