Apple gains early momentum with new digital textbook push

At $15, Apple's digital textbooks are a steal. Global Equities Research estimates that over 350,000 digital textbooks were downloaded via Apple's iBooks 2 app in its first three days of availability.

Apple's goal with its textbooks "revolution" is to greatly reduce the cost of getting interactive material with video, audio and charts into student hands, while at the same time providing easy and intuitive content creation tools.

The pessimist might look at 350,000 downloads and not think much of it, but you have to remember, there are are only eight textbooks available in iBooks 2. That's one textbook for algebra, chemistry, environmental sciences, geometry and physics, two biology textbooks and Life on Earth by E.O. Wilson.

Additionally, Global Equities Research pegs downloads for Apple's free iBooks Author to have hit 90,000 in its first three days as well.

The selection of books might be low right now, but it's clear that there's at least some kind of interest in creating new forms of digital textbooks.

Will Apple do for digital textbooks what it's done with digital music and apps/games?

Via AllThingsD

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