A380 1st class lets Trekkies dream that they're on the Enterprise

If you're a Star Trek fan who dreams about taking a journey on the USS Enterprise, then a flight in first class on a Qantas A380 looks like a pretty good substitute. Of course you won't be traveling at Warp 8, but it can still get you from Los Angeles to Sydney in about 15 hours.

The lower deck first class cabin was designed by Marc Newson, and each of the 14 lucky passengers gets their own private cabin with a completely flat bed for the long flight. You also get a clothes closet, a touch screen TV with over 1000 movies available, and just about every other type of pampering you could imagine.

Best of all there's a central socializing area, where you and your friends could do recreations of classic Star Trek scenes. All you need is the $16,578 one way fare and you'll be all set.

Daily Mail, via TechEBlog

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