Gallery: 21 iconic geek characters made into minimalist art

Taking minimalism to a new level, graphic artist Blo0p's illustrations of video game characters and superheroes with the most basic of lines and shapes is a testament to just how mainstream these icons have become. We don't even need to see the fine details and we know we're looking at Iron Man or Megatron — our brains can fill in the rest

Here's our picks of the 21 coolest posters. In case you're wondering, Blo0p isn't selling any of these as prints — although he really should. They're handsome enough to hang on the wall.

For more minimal posters of superheroes and video games characters, be sure to visit Blo0p's Imgur site. There's 129 rad posters there.

Awestruck admirers will be happy to know that Blo0p's available for hire.

Imgur, via Geeks Are Sexy

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