$1,600 'Red Pad' is China's Communist Party-approved iPad clone

Not a day goes by without the Chinese coming up with some kind of bizarro iPad clone. According to the Wall Street Journal, an iPad clone called the "Red Pad" endorsing Mao Tse-Tung's "Little Red Book" of Communism briefly surfaced in China before getting removed.

The WSJ claims the Red Pad was created by China's People's Daily newspaper and the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

If there's one thing I know the Chinese love (being Chinese American myself) is that they love anything that's red — and will pay a premium for the color. Or gold.

The Red Pad is virtually identical to the iPad , except for the fact it runs Android, has a "A9 processor" (current iPads only rock a dual-core A5 processor), has red accents and is $1,600, or nearly three times that of the base iPad.

As if the high price wasn't crazy enough, the Red Pad supposedly only displays material "specifically tailored to China's Communist platforms such as the website of the party's People's Daily mouthpiece."

Can you imagine paying that much for a tablet that can only display Communist propaganda? If the Red Pad's pre-loaded reading material doesn't get you ready to party rock the house, you can take it to another level of outrageousness by buying a "daily political reference" app that costs only about 3800 yuan or $600 dollars!

Who seriously thought this was a good idea, at that high of a price? Maybe you get a glowing Mao head on the back for all that dinero you're spending.

Via Wall Street Journal

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