12 things you didn't know you desperately needed a 3D printer for

As technology evolves, so do our households. We now have all kinds of standard tools to make our lives better and easier, like vacuum cleaners and dishwashers and washing machines and dryers. And pretty soon, 3D printers are going to be part of the household kit, making all kinds of things you didn't know you needed until you printed them out.

Brendan Dawes bought himself a Makerbot back in December of 2010, and since then he's been keeping track of every single thing he's used it for. Keep in mind that this is just one guy making whatever he wants to make, and all of the randomly handy stuff in the gallery below is a tiny little sample of what's possible. And if you're sold on the concept and want a Makerbot for your very own, it'll run you about $1,100 for the kit.

Everything I Make With My Makerbot, via Core77

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