100 years in 10 minutes shows a century of historical events

YouTuber "derDon1234" decided to do a different kind of remembrance for the end of 2011. Rather than comb through the past year for monumental events, he created a montage of significant events that have happened in the last 100 years between 1911 and 2011.

Synced to multiple heart-pounding tracks from The Dark Knight, Inception, Last Samurai, and PoC Am Ene de Welt, derDon1234 created a video reel that's informative as it is depressing.

There was a lot of war and tragedy in the last 100 years. Yes, derDon1234 could have chosen to put more bubbly footage of all the happy things that happened, but the end product wouldn't be nearly as effective as what he carefully picked to showcase here.

After watching this video, my question to you is, what do you think was important enough to remembered from the last 100 years that wasn't included by derDon1234? Occupy Wall Street? The invention of microprocessors?

YouTube, via Geeks Are Sexy

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