You can live in this real-life Jetsons home, if you move to Japan

Other than flying cars and robot maids, the one thing many of us wanted from the classic sci-fi cartoon The Jetsons is that amazing house. Well, believe it or not, it actually exists in the farthest inner reaches of Japan.

It may not be floating a thousand feet in the sky like the actual cartoon, but one look at this home designed by Kimihiko Okada and it's hard to deny that this is indeed the real world version of the home of George Jetson and his boy Elroy. Located in Hiroshima, Japan, if only the rest of the homes on the block could get with the program we could actually have a working set for the live-action Jetsons movie (not in production, but it would be cool to see). You can check out the details of the house in the gallery below.

Via FreshHome

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