Wind turbine can't keep up; explodes into flames

Sometimes a photo speaks more than a thousand words. This is one of them, but we'll give you the gist: a 328-foot-tall and wind turbine burst into flames as it tried to keep up with hurricane force winds in North Ayrshire, Scotland.

The turbine, estimated to cost around $3M, is part of a group of 15, perched high on hills overlooking the windswept Scottish coast. This group of turbines supplies green electricity to 20,000 homes.

Fortunately it seems to be an isolated incident as none of the other turbines in the group experienced problems. Nor have any others around the globe reported major "high speed" related problems or flaws to date.

A good look at the incident is likely to take place since wind turbines are naturally located in high intensity locations and scientists are always looking at new ways and places to evolve them.

The Telegraph, via Gizmodo

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