Wearable subwoofer vest also packs two amped motorcycle speakers

If you're riding a hog, you can't exactly pump up your stereo and blast Soulja Boy's "Crank That." To solve that problem, you can wear this stereo vest with an eight-inch subwoofer strapped on the back and two amplified motorcycle speakers that sit just above each shoulder. Now you can rock the road like a badass cyclist.

Believe it or not, Joe Andolina's speaker vest isn't the first of its kind. The one you see here is actually the third version he says. Andolina told us that the first model had one major flaw: it had an amp on that chest that made hugging others real tough (awww).

The entire vest took about two weeks to put together. Mounted on the backplate of the vest is an eight-inch Bose subwoofer. Also on the unit are volume knobs, bass-control knobs, and a 1/8-inch audio jack. The entire vest is powered by 10 rechargeable NiMH batteries in a belt and connected via a 1/4-inch jack.

Toss on some sunglasses and bam, instant superhero. Don't get too close to the speakers though, because its sound might just deafen you. Earbuds are recommended if you plan to pump up the volume.

Interested parties should know that the battery belt fits a size 36-inch waist and the entire unit is going for $850 on Andolina's Etsy page. Seeing as I can't afford one, I'll just pretend I can by looking at the large photos of the contraption in the gallery.

Via Etsy

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