Water-powered rocket boots for super-powered aquatic frolicking

Ask any superhero who isn't fortunate enough to have a built-in flying ability whether they prefer jetpacks or rocket boots, and they'll always say rocket boots.* Why? Because rocket boots let you do tricks. We might not have proper rocket boots yet, but these water-powered ones are the next best thing. And they're even affordable.

You remember that water-powered jetpack, right? The Flyboard (that's what this new thing is called) works the exact same way: water is pumped from a jet ski up a tube and then shoots out nozzles at high speed to create enough thrust to get you airborne. The difference here is that instead of being strapped into an actual pack, the Flyboard is more like rocket boots (or a hoverboard) in that it's attached to your feet. You've also got some extra nozzles rigged up to your arms, and all those flexible and controllable axes of thrust enable some wild wild stuff:

Yep, the Green Goblin is totally jealous. The Flyboard can be powered by any jet ski with a 100 horsepower motor or better, which means that if you already have a jet ski, adding the Flyboard to it will only run you about $6,600. Not exactly cheap, but if you're one of those fancy-pants people with a jet ski, you can probably afford it.

Daily Mail, via Gizmodo


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