Water bottles get upgraded, reimagined as Star Wars characters

I love it when a design student hits it out of the park with a concept that is both visually arresting and useful. Well, useful if you are Star Wars obsessed and thirsty.

Design student Mandy Brencys has reimagined the humble Evian water bottle as a glass opus to classic Star Wars characters. The designs will show your allegiance to the Jedi or the Sith — making allowances for equal opportunity fans who would buy an entire set of course.

Did I happen to mention they are also shaped like lighsaber? That would probably be important to you.

Given this is a student design project, there is no telling whether Evian will come knocking to produce the designs but I think they'd be foolish not to. collector's bottles like these would go for a premium, and faster than a TIE fighter.*

*Note: From the original trilogy, when looking at fighter class craft — not a souped up cargo ship — and not taking into account maneuverability. This statement also does not reflect the speed displayed by vehicles used in the recent prequels or animated series, which when viewed on a relative plane with the trilogy must be considered older, and presumably slower despite advances in computer rendering. Phew. Think I've covered my bases, but you'll tell me if I haven't.

Cargocollective, via Geekologie

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