Watch this insectoid robot brutally attack a cute plush toy

I already hate this thing for its horribly evil insect-like looks and creepy agility, but any robot that can grab cute teddy bears in a death grip deserves a little respect. Thus, we present to you the omni-directional insect robot.

Developed by Osaka University's Arai Lab, the "Limb Mechanism Robot" ASTERISK is a six-legged omni-directional robot can walk on its legs and then use the front two to pick up small objects. The limbs are highly sensitive featuring pressure sensors on the tips with the ability to detect whether they are being pushed or pulled, and cameras on the tips of three of the limbs as well as on the body. This mechanical monstrosity can also climb stairs and avoid obstacles.

Frighteningly, the researchers are now working on giving the robot the ability to run and jump. You can check out the ASTERISK in all its arachnid glory in the video below.

Via Digintv

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