Watch Super Bowl XLVI online and on Verizon phones with bonuses

Get ready to watch the Super Bowl in a whole new way. For the very first time in history, the Super Bowl will be streamed online and to Verizon smartphones in HD. Why watch teams toss the pigskin around on the Internet instead of on the huge plasma? The additional content you get.

Super Bowl XLVI will be viewable online at or as well as on Verizon smartphones with the NFL Mobile app installed. Watching the Super Bowl online nabs you "multiple camera angles, HD-quality video and DVR controls along with social interactivity (we're assuming its Twitter and Facebook).

Football fans have been able to watch season games online on and since 2008, but for a game as huge as the Super Bowl to be aired live online? That's completely unprecedented.

Our own Kevin Hall made the argument last year that the NFL should just stream the Super Bowl already, and now the NFL has relented. Maybe the tubes are fatter this year.

Hopefully the awesome Super Bowl commercials will make the leap online with social network integration as well.

Clear your computer for Feb. 5, because you don't want it choking up on game day. It'd suck to get a virus in the middle of the game, only to have to clean it up and miss the half-time performance.

NBC Sports, via Engadget

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