Video: transforming gingerbread house shames all other snacks

This is the last gingerbread house, I promise, because it's the only one as far as I can tell that transforms from gingerbread house mode to Gingerbread Prime mode. Take that you other gingerbreads.

Properly called the "Gingerbreadtron," this masterpiece was created by Brian Hall (no relation to our editor Kevin Hall). In house mode, it looks like your ordinary and delicious gingerbread house made with M&M, peppermints and frosting.

On the inside is either an Autobot or a Decepticon — we can't tell. Maybe it has no allegiance.

It was built with an Arduino Uno board for simple programming and six servo motors.  In hindsight the project would have worked a little better if I had thought to use more powerful motors.  You can see that some elastic bands were needed in the front to help it stand up.  It turns out gingerbread and candy is actually pretty heavy.

Hall, you had us at servo motors. Almost anything with servo motors is bound to be awesome.

Brian Hall, via Inhabitat

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