Video: Skyrim gains motion controls with Kinect mod

Still waiting on for some decent Kinect games? How about playing Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with your body? Is that hardcore enough for you gamers?

This isn't the first motion-based Skyrim hack we've seen. YouTuber iPhwne was the first to add a little motion head-tracking to Skyrim with the Sony Personal 3D Viewer.

The major difference between this Kinect hack and iPhwne's, is that this one actually works really well for more than camera movement. The Kinect hack works with a PC copy of Skyrim and plays exactly like a game you'd expect with Kinect gestures.

Swinging your right arm in any direction translates into sword slashes. Casting spells is handled with a forward push with your right arm. Camera is controlled with your left arm.

Because this is Kinect, running is handled by putting your right foot forward. Step forward even more and that run becomes a sprint. Slow walking is handled with your left foot and leaning in any direction turns your character.

There's more. This Kinect mod also has voice control, with various menus mapped to certain keywords.

Everything is handled with FAAST, the same set of tools that's been used for many Kinect hacks, including the unofficial Portal 2 hack by Brad Cooley.

It's hacks like these that make us wonder why Microsoft or any third-party game developers haven't created something so engrossing yet. If tinkerers can make hardcore games work with Kinect, what's the hold up? The last hurdle to hardcore Kinect games is likely a financial one from the top execs.

YouTube, via Destructoid

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