Video: kid uses Nerf gun to pull tooth; pain not an option

This happened a little while ago, but it's going around again and we love it, so here it is.. A lively young tot, under the supervision of his father*, ties a string to his tooth and the other end to his Nerf Big Bow gun. After some brief discussion of potential pain factor, you almost miss the big moment of actual extraction.

This kid is a rock star. He has the steely reserve and decisive action taking usually reserved for the likes of Chuck Norris. Not worried about the pain, he hits the button on his gun and the tooth sails across the room. If you were expecting tears then expect them to be of joy as he examines his hapless tooth.

I'm pretty sure the tooth fairy that visits this kid will be carrying a war hammer instead of a wand.

*The jury is out as to whether this is a parenting fail, or triumph. I'll only say that dad might want to keep an eye on this kid.

Via Geekologie

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