Video: kid freaking out over new iPod Touch challenges N64 kid

The Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR kid is legendary, but the Nintendo 64 is old. These days, Apple's products sit at the top of the desired list. Watch as this little kid freaks out over his parents getting him a new iPod Touch for Christmas. It's epic.

Hold it right there. Before watching the video, you might want to lower your volume, because there IS shrieking. Yes, for us adults, with paying jobs, a $200 iPod Touch is well-earned, but to a kid who looks no more than six or seven-years-old, it's like Santa dropping a magic unicorn from a secret realm.

Receiving an Ipod Touch turns this kid into a Banshee. Parents, please never, ever, buy this kid an Iphone. It would be unfair for people to have to answer the phone and hear that sound.

Agreed. It would be very unfair.

My favorite part is how calm his little brother is. Look at him, he doesn't even flip out like his older bro, but calmly fumbles with the wrapping around his present and proclaims he got an iPod. Isn't it obvious who's going to grow up to be the mature one?

I don't think it's quite as crazy as the N64 kid, but it's a close second. Have a watch for yourself.

YouTube, via Kotaku

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