Verizon slapping customers with $2 for paying bills online (updated!)

UPDATE: Verizon says it will not charge the $2 fee anymore. Talk about embarrassing.

You'd think that by paying your bills online you save money from buying stamps, paper and ordering checks, but nope. Verizon is charging customers who "go green" with a $2 fee starting on Jan. 15.

That $2 fee is per payment. So, Verizon customers are looking at a minimum of an extra $24 per year on their bills. It seems small at first, but those $24 can go a long way for folks stretched thin.

Confirming to Mashable, Verizon says that "The fee will help allow us to continue to support these single bill payment options in these channels." Electronic checks, AutoPay and payment kiosks are unaffected.

If anything, it seems more appropriate that Verizon charge people for still paying by snail mail. This is the age of the Internet, after all. It costs more money to hire people to cut those mailed envelopes and process a check than it does to just let us pay ourselves. I'd gladly enjoy Verizon taking $2 OFF my bill if I pay online. Wouldn't that be an incentive?

Via Mashable

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