Twine: The tiny magic box that talks to and controls your home

What if you had a magic brick that you could stick anywhere that gave you the power to automatically change the temperature in any room, or send event triggered messages to you from thousands of miles away? Well dream no more, the magic is here right now.

It's called Twine, and while it looks like a tiny bar of soap, it may in fact become the most powerful addition to your home since the computer itself. Developed by two MIT Media Lab tinkers, John Kestner and David Carr, the 2.5 inch square runs on two triple-A batteries and can be programmed via a simple Web interface called Spool. Using WiFi, an internal accelerometer, a magnetic switch, a moisture sensor and an internal temperature sensor, Twine can be set to tell you everything from when your laundry is done, to when someone is at your front door, all via Twitter, email, or text messaging.

The pair's KickStarter campaign began with a $35,000 goal, but ended up receiving well over $400,000, a clear indication that this is a product whose time has come. You can see Twine in action in the video below.

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