TV hidden in the ass end of a Porsche won't impress the ladies

Men and women have different ideas about home design, and while some guys might think it would be cool to have the rear end of a Porsche parked in the living room, I'm pretty sure most of their female companions won't concur.

Okay, so perhaps I'm perpetuating sexual stereotypes, but how many women do you know who would really want this thing in the house? At least it should be easier to fit in the living room than that Porsche slot car track.

The entertainment center is made from genuine Porsche parts from a 2005 996, right down to the factory wheels and brake calipers. When you fire it up, a 42 inch screen rises up from an opening in the rear window.

Unfortunately there is very little further information, although if you're really interested, you could contact the poster of the video through his YouTube channel.

YouTube, via Autoblog

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