Transforming bicycle has two modes: super low and ultra high

A city without dedicated bike lanes is a biker's worst nightmare. It means weaving in and out of car traffic and putting your own life in danger unless you wear a reflective vest. Always be seen on the streets with this bicycle that gives the driver a seat above traffic.

Mysteriously popping up on eBaum's World, the bicycle seems to be capable of toggling between a low-rider mode dubbed "chopper" and a very tall mode that seems like something ripped out of a circus.

There's no information on how the magic bike works. We only know that the bike is from Russia. If anybody have more info, feel free to step forward.

The bicycle doesn't look like the easiest thing to navigate with, but I'm sure with a little more practice, riding it should be as easy as a regular bike.

For now, just enjoy the video below.

eBaum's World, via The Awesomer

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