Toss out your washer, scientists invent self-cleaning clothes

Most people hate doing laundry, so a couple of Chinese scientists say they have relieved us of this chore forever with a special fabric that cleans itself when exposed to sunlight.

Mingce Long and Deyong Wu say that their fancy cotton fibers have a coating of titanium dioxide and nitrogen, that kills microbes and breaks down dirt when exposed to sunlight. Additional nanoparticles using silver and iodine are used to accelerate the discoloration process. They even claim that the coating is robust enough to withstand repeated washing and drying, although I thought the whole point was that you wouldn't need to do that anymore.

Maybe they should go one step further and make it using that self-cleaning nanotube yarn, so your clothes can be cleaner than clean.

Phys Org, via Treehugger

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