Top 10 geeky marriage proposals of 2011

Yes, we know the year isn't over. But have you seen all the awesomely geeky marriage proposals this year already? They're all so great, we feel comfortable putting out a list like this early.

If there is anything better than our top pick here before the year's end, I'll eat my damn headphones.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, here are the top 10 ways to ask another geek to marry you from this year.


10. Over An Airplane PA System

Portugal's Vera Silva, who works as an airline stewardess, knew her boyfriend Joao Vieira was going to be on her flight from Lisbon to Barcelona, but didn't know why. Under the guise of a business trip, he'd actually gotten a little help from her fellow flight crew and popped the question at 30,000 feet. Handy that the First Class cabin is usually hiding a bottle of champagne, too, right? You can see it go down in a video here.


9. Sneak It Into Your Indie Video Game

James Silva is the creator of the upcoming indie Xbox Live Arcade title, Charlie Murder. He was at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this year to show it off. Also in attendance? His girlfriend, Michelle, who didn't know that James coded a marriage proposal into the demo he was running. Next thing she knew, he was down on one knee — see it unfold above.



8. Choose Her With A Pokeball

Pokemon love getting picked for things, even if it means living in a tiny capsule for the rest of their lives, hidden away from the open pastures and verdant forests they used to call home, lost to the world and everything they used to hold dear just to spend the rest of their days fighting. Hey, just like marriage! Perfect.

Looking for another geeky way to hide the ring? Do it by ruining his or her favorite Harry Potter book.



7. Offer Her A Groupon Deal She Can't Refuse

At the height of the daily deal site fever that swept the Internet, Greg "Grouposal" Hill used Groupon to post "A Surprise for a Dana from a Greg," which was valued at a whopping $999,999. (Though at very nearly 100% off, Dana would only have to pay $1.) It almost went off the rails, though: when he asked girlfriend Dana Burck to check Groupon, all she saw was a fitness weight loss ad. Luckily, a link later and he had a happy fiancé. His Groupon post is worth the read here.



6. Have Google Maps Point The Way

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt, right? No? Yeah, a scavenger hunt as a proposal sounds a little risky, but Google software engineer Ari Gilder made it work, with a little help from one of his company's most handy services: Google Maps. After leading her to some of her favorite spots in NYC, they both arrived at an engagement. You can read all about it on Google's blog.


5. Get A Video Game Robot To Set You Up

The above 'bot is Claptrap, the fast-talkin', potty-mouthed mascot of Gearbox Software's RPG slash shooter, Borderlands. The company decided to roll out the digital red carpet for Borderlands fan Ben, who wrote in to tell Gearbox that not only did he love the game but he found Tora, the love of his life, while playing co-op. Gearbox replied with this animated popping of the question.



4. Make Sure She Happens To StumbleUpon It

If you haven't used StumbleUpon before, it's an aggregator that plugs directly into the human need to wander and explore. At the click of a button you can easily fly through any number of topics and interests that you've flagged, from checking out weird gifs you found on Reddit to finding a list of cheap but impressive science gifts. Or, if you're Marquita Arguello, a marriage proposal from your boyfriend Tyrel Hartman. She said yes. You can see her reaction here.


3. Get A Homicidal Video Game Robot To Set You Up

Portal's GLaDOS isn't known for being the nicest robot out there. She's polite, sure, but she's also a little crazy about performing research — like killing crazy. Still, even GLaDOS's logic core melts at the thought of a geeky marriage proposal, and boyfriend Gary Hudston was able to get the full support of Valve — including Portal writer Erik Wolpaw and GLaDOS voice actress Ellen McLain — in his proposal to girlfriend Stephanie Harbeson. She loves the game, and it sounded like the perfect way to her heart. And it worked.


2. Create A Whole Damn Movie Trailer

To apologize to his girlfriend, Ginny, for taking her to see Fast Five, boyfriend Matt hijacked the opening trailers and forced a movie audience to sit through his proposal. Luckily, it was pretty sweet trailer itself, and the pair just got married at the beginning of this month to boot.


1. Get "Engaged"

Just watch it. Seriously, I could write a bunch of stuff here, but only one word needs to be said, and that word is up above in that video.


Think we missed one? Propose an alternative to us in the comments below.

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