Three page Apple founding contract sells for a cool $1.59 million

We know that Apple's dedicated fans will do just about anything to get their hands on a rare piece of Apple merch, but what about forking over $1.59 million for a copy of the three page contract that established the company?

The document was signed by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1 1976 (April fools!), and spells out the agreement between the three founding partners.

If the name Ronald Wayne doesn't sound too familiar, that would be because he decided to pull out of the partnership just 11 days later, relinquishing his 10 percent stake for only $800. The lucky fan who won the auction, also gets an amendment to the contract detailing Wayne's withdrawal.

When you add in the additional $1,500 Wayne received to forfeit any claims when Apple incorporated later that year, he probably figured at the time that he was doing pretty good. But if you consider that his original stake would be worth a cool $36 billion today, you've got to think that this is one April fools joke he now wishes he had stuck with.

Sotheby's pre-sale estimate for the papers was $100,000-150,000, but an anonymous phone bidder helped to run the bidding up to over ten times the high estimate. Whoever it is, they get my vote for Apple fan of the year.

SF Gate, via Ubergizmo

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