This RC toy car goes from zero to 100 mph in five seconds

When I drive, I barely even hit 60 MPH, but that's alright, I live my fast and furious life through racing viddy games. Now I can start burning rubber at 100 MPH with this 27-inch R/C sports car without worrying about needing expensive car insurance. Yeah, baby!

But Raymond, who cares if the Traxxas XO-1 can whup daddy's old die-cast Hot Wheel when it's not even the fastest R/C toy car ever created?

Well, my young Padawan, you should care because this 10 pound sucker with four-wheel drive can do 0-60 MPH — and probably take out one of your toes in the process — in 2.3 seconds and 0-100 MPH in 4.92 seconds, making it the fastest "Ready-To-Race toy car" in the world.

Traxxas says the XO-1 has the "world's most advanced Ready-To Race radio system" that lets you use the bundled controller or an iPhone or iPod Touch as a radio system optimizer and controller. Ooooh.

Think iPhones are just silly smartphones made by the world's most secretive tech company? It's required if you want to unlock the XO-1's 100+ MPH speed functions. So by that, you'd better make sure you have either an IPhone or iPod Touch handy before you purchase.

At $1,100 a piece, you'd better be a really deserving kid to even think about asking mom or dad for one for your birthday. These speed demons race into stores on Dec. 30.

Traxxas, via OhGizmo!

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