This Kickstarter dude wants to build and sell triangular tablets

What started out as a hilarious joke on The Office, might just become a reality. Eric Calisto is reaching out to the Internet to help him fund the creation of the world's first tablet shaped like a triangle. This is not an April Fool's joke.

After a little bit of research, Calisto, who "enjoys building things and loves The Office" decided a triangular tablet might not be such a terrible idea.

"I was looking into sales figures for past tablets a couple months ago and realized that a triangular tablet couldn't sell any worse than some of those," said Calisto. "Who knows, it could even be a hit."

Specs or even prototypes are non-existent at this point, although Calisto says his triangular tablet will run Android.

Despite not being a completely original idea — he is kind of stealing it from The Office — Calisto's tablet will be the most unusual tablet ever created if he procures the necessary funding. Calisto is asking for $25,000 by Jan. 21 to get the project off ground.

If you want to see one make its way into the world, you can help the guy out with a donation down at his Kickstarter page listed below.

What service does a triangle pyramid serve other than to be the odd tablet out? Well, at the very least, it'll keep Apple's lawyers from coming after him.

Apple and Samsung are still embroiled in lawsuits over the design patents regarding the shape and thickness of what constitutes a tablet. Apple claims Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets are too thin and feature a thick black border that makes it appear too similar to its iPad.

Samsung has since redesigned its Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a slightly thicker and more visible frame and renamed it the Galaxy Tab 10.1 N.

Kickstarter, via AlltThingsD

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