This PC display has a built-in dock for iPhone video streaming

Finally, a company marries a computer monitor with an iPhone dock that's actually useful. AOC's e2343Fi display isn't like any regular monitor; it features a 30-pin dock that outputs audio and video directly the docked iPad to the 23-inch screen. Why didn't Apple think of this?

To stream video from an iPhone to a display, you have two options: 1) use an Apple TV and AirPlay or 2) buy an HDMI adapter cable.

AOC's display is simply plug and play, so just dock your iPhone in and your videos are good to go. Nope, your iPad won't fit on this display dock. The display even comes with SRS "Premium Sound" speakers. It's not the best looking display, but if it's as slim as the renders make it to be, it might not be a terrible option.

Pricing and release date are TBA at CES. Here's one idea Apple should just blatantly steal from AOC. I'd love for an iMac or Thunderbolt Display to come with an iPhone dock that charges and streams my video and audio content.

Oh and somebody, please tell AOC to give the display a new name. Consumers don't know what a "e2343Fi" is.

Via Slashgear

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