The Pope chooses Android to fire up the Christmas lights

If you've been debating between Apple and Android for your next tablet purchase, perhaps you should take a tip from Pope Benedict. Shunning the normally favored iPad, The Holy Father decided to go with a Sony tablet running Android to switch on the Christmas lights in the Italian town of Gubbio.

Perhaps he couldn't find the right app for a Papal lighting ceremony in the Apple App Store, so by going with the Android he could get the Vatican tech boffins to create their own secure app.

Gubbio's Christmas "tree" is actually the entire side of a mountain covered in thousands of lights in the shape of a tree, making it the biggest such display in the world. Because Gubbio is over 100 miles from Rome, the Pontiff's signal was send via the Internet from the Papal apartment at The Vatican.

At least he didn't try to rely on the PlayStation Network.

Via Daily Mail

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