The latest must have Apple lust object is machine washable

Every time Apple releases a new product, you can count on hundreds of fans lining up for days to be the first to have one. But who would have thought that the latest Apple item to get them waiting would be machine washable?

Last week when we saw hundreds on line for the debut of the new Grand Central Terminal Apple Store, I wondered what in the heck they were in line for? After all, it's not like Apple was releasing a new iDevice on the same day that the store was opening.

It turns out that there was a new Apple product on offer, a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Apple Store Grand Central," given away free to the first 4,000 customers. Most of those lucky fans didn't put them on, and I suspect many will soon be locked in a hermetically sealed bag as an enduring symbol of their dedication to the brand. Look for a few of them to hit Ebay after a number of years seconds at crazy prices.

The Atlantic Wire, via SlashGear

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