Software update transforms Nintendo 3DS into 3D camcorder

Nintendo 3DS owners who aren't content with snapping grainy 3D stills of their pets will finally get the long-awaited and delayed 3D video recording feature Nintendo promised a while back. There are also a few other new features included in the latest system update as well. What are you waiting for? Get downloading!

Check your Nintendo 3DS right now and you'll find a brand new software update waiting to be grabbed. In addition to the 3D video recording (which is sure to disappoint if you're spoiled by high definition 3D content), there's also an Interval Shot a.k.a. timelapse creation and a stop-motion animation feature called Frame Pick.

Not into that 3D camera stuff? Fret not, the latest 3DS update brings new Puzzle Swap panels, more hats to collect in the new mini RPG StreetPass Quest, Achievement-style "Accomplishments," StreetPass Map and Slideshow for completed puzzles.

The eShop's also been given an upgrade to support downloadable demos, and transferring of Nintendo points, eShop purchases and game save data to other systems.

All in all, it looks like a bountiful update that's sure to add even more value to the handheld. I'd say things are looking up for Nintendo, as Sony prepares to launch its PS Vita in Japan on Dec. 17.

All these software updates add up to getting a "complete package." Features like 3D video recording should have been available on launch day, but it's here now.

Better late than never, right? You also can't beat the $170 price. It's well under the PS Vita's newly adjusted $275 starting price ($250 for handheld + $25 for a proprietary 4GB Sony PS Vita memory card).

Anybody else enjoying their 3DS? For me, Mario Kart 7 is awaiting pickup at my local Best Buy. What 3DS are you playing or most looking forward to?

Via Digital Spy

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