Samsung promotes flexible tech with concept phones and tablets

Samsung recently put a stake in the ground stating it will ship "bendy screened" gadgets in early 2012. Though company officials say it will be a cellphone, the Korean manufacturer has just released a promotional video of a seemingly magic tablet hinting towards a more complex future around the corner.

The company demonstrated 'bendable' AMOLED screens 4.5-inches across and just 0.3mm thick in January this year, so it's clear they have the basic technology. The new video shows Samsung's vision for where they hope it will go — the tablet of the future. It does look pretty swish with a see-through screen performing translations, 3D imaging and running video causing interest wherever it's carried.


Earlier this year there were reports that Samsung had the capacity to manufacture large amounts of the screens in 2012 but their intended use was a mystery. At the same time pictures of a concept phone using the bendable technology appeared — called the Galaxy Skin.

The Skin was created as part of a student design project under the Samsung and Galaxy brand.

Samsung is not the only player in the bendable device marketplace. Rival smartphone maker Nokia unveiled their prototype bendable smartphone, the Nokia Kinectic at Nokia World. The Kinectic will allow users to bend the screen to control functions such as music or video and is only a prototype at this point.

While the Samsung Galaxy Skin will only live on as a student's dream device, it's clear Samsung isn't shy about letting us know that the bendable future is coming.

Via Daily Mail

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