Rumor: Google preparing Amazon Prime competitor

Amazon's awesome Amazon Prime two-day shipping service ($79 per year) could get a Google challenger. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is planning to step all over Amazon Prime with a one-day shipping program.

Here's the thing, the WSJ says Google's plan is not to become an online retail with warehouses full of product. It's merely in talks with major retailers like Macy's, Gap and Office Max to see if it's feasible to get a one-day shipping program up and running.

Basically, you'll still buy the products from the online retailers, but you will probably be able to use Google checkout or some kind of Google shopping service to see if there is enough stock in nearby stores that qualify for one-day shipping.

That's a great deal if you're an avid online shopper (who isn't these days?) and would certainly steal some thunder off Amazon Prime's fast shipping service, but as ZDNet points out, such a barebones service wouldn't even come close to providing the great perks that Prime members get, including "unlimited streams of movies and television shows and free borrowing of e-books."

Personally, I don't care much for the streaming videos or e-books as I rarely even touch any of that stuff. I pay for Amazon Prime for the fast two-day shipping because I'm impatient. I'm willing to bet many others are too.

A service that gets me my purchased goods in half the time would be a huge advantage for someone like me. Better yet is if there's no annual subscription fee. I'd dump Amazon Prime in a heartbeat for free one-day shipping.

WSJ, via ZDNet

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