Reverse cybersuit makes you feel like you're 75

The whole point of an exoskeleton is to make you feel stronger, faster, more powerful, and just generally way more awesome. The point is not to make you feel like an old person, like this one does.

MIT's Agelab will tell you that this suit, called AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy System), is great for helping people to understand the physical challenges associated with aging. And they've got a point, I suppose. When you put AGNES on, it starts messing with more or less everything it can possibly mess with to simulate being old. For example, braces and bands and straps attach to all of your limbs, putting additional pressure on your joints to simulate joint stiffness, increased muscular fatigue, and slowed movements while making it harder to take large steps or raise your arms above your head. Earplugs and goggles simulate poor eyesight and hearing loss. You even put on special shoes that make you feel almost off-balance all the time.

The goal here isn't just to help give us young whippersnappers something to look forward to, but also to help designers better understand the needs of aging clients. By putting one of these on, someone who's designing products or environments can get a sense of how an increasingly larger proportion of their demographic is going to be able to interact with whatever they're working on, and consequently, what they can do to make things more accessible for everybody.

Watch the suit in a action in the vid below.

MIT, via Neatorama

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