Prototype creates feeling of texture on flat screens

We knew this day was coming. The day you could FEEL something on your TV, smartphone or tablet — and not just vibration, but elaborate textures. Touch technology company Senseq has just released a prototype tablet showing the phenomenon in action.

Senseq's prototype creates the sensation of texture made possible by an electrostatic-field based system. When you touch different areas on the screen the field produces varying degrees of friction — which is what creates a high fidelity sensation of texture. The sensation is delivered regardless of whether your fingers move or not.

The feeling could project contours and edges of things in front of you, and creates the sensation of everything from silk to rough terrain. Imagine feeling the detailed environments of your online game, or the sensation of keys when using your smartphone to message.

Dubbed the "Feel Screen," the technology doesn't rely on any moving parts or additions to a display. This means it can be integrated into just about any flatscreen device from your phone to your TV.

Though Senseq's technology is still in prototype, it could be more widely available in the next 24 months.

The possibilities for gaming immediately jump to mind, but there is another seedy side of the Web we can see latching on to this technology. Whether cool or creepy or just a mix of both, this technology looks like it's ready to take off.

Via Gizmag

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