Princess Leia buns are the headphone covers you're looking for

Those aren't Cinnabons on this lovely girl's ears. They're headphone covers shaped like Princess Leia's hairdo from Star Wars and they're perfect for wannabe-princesses in need of rescue from evil dads who rule the galaxy.

How perfect? If Etsy seller JacquiLongLegs is to be believed "Your friends will love you more, your coworkers will be jealy [sic], and if you wear this to Comic-Con you will get laid instantly."

Each galactic bun cover is six-inches in diameter with mesh backing and run $24 each. JacquiLongLegs is selling them in blonde and ginger colors. They can be permanently applied or temporarily, or if you want, they can be attach onto the sides of your head with bobby pins. That works too.

Oh and not to worry, the hair is synthetic, so it's not like you're wearing Carrie Fisher's hair from the 1970s. Wouldn't the be creepy?

Etsy, via The Presurfer

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