Video: 8 cheap tech toys under $50 in two minutes

We write about a lot of weird gadgets. Case in point: the snowball-launching crossbow. When that kind of stuff comes up, one of us inevitably says "we've got to get one to try!" Well, we did, along with a bunch of other cheap but fun toys and gizmos.

Still on our list of things we want to try: these six-foot-tall boxing 'bots, and something large and tasery that we can use to shock Raymond with. Until that sweet day comes, though, kick back and let our host Andrea Feczko show you some cool stuff.

Featured In This Video

  • Crossbow Snow Launcher, $40
  • Areawear iPhone Alarm Dock, $40
  • Mini Outdoor Espresso Maker, $20
  • Coffee Cup Power Inverter, $25
  • Solar Powered Lantern Water Bottle, $30
  • Superheadz DIY Camera, $20
  • LaCie Extreme Key 8GB, $40
  • Laser Airzooka, $25

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Note: All prices listed are as of this post and could CHANGE AT ANY MOMENT OH NO!

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