Play old school NES games by flexing your biceps and forearms

Thinking of a good reason to dust off that old NES and fire up Super Mario Bros. 3? Swap out those NES controllers for Advancer Technologies' USB Biofeedback Game Controller — a batch of electromyography (EMG) muscle sensors that let you play games with your buffness. Finally, something useful for those guns.

The "mod/hack" is pretty basic stuff. Advancer Technologies just attached a couple of EMG sensors to a dude's left arm biceps and then a bunch of them to his right arm.

As you can see in the demo video below, playing Super Mario Bros. 3 isn't too hard. Take that Nintendo! You tried to get us to swing, waggle and do all sorts of weird stuff with the Wii Remote, but this, this is real Wii fitness.

Quick, somebody tell me how many jumps I'll have to do to squeeze out enough reps to get ripped!

For a step-by-step guide to build your own bicep-flexing NES controller, head on over to Instructables below and get educated.

Via Instructables

Thanks Rob!

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