Pen removed from woman's stomach still works after 25 years

A 76 year old British woman goes to the doctor complaining about weight loss, and a CT scan shows that she has a completely intact pen stuck in her stomach. Best of all, once they remove the pen, they give it try and discover that the thing still works.

Apparently the woman was using the pen to push down her tongue while checking out tonsils back in 1986. She stumbled while stretching to look in the mirror, and managed to swallow the pen in the process. The pen didn't cause any discomfort, so eventually she simply forgot about it.

The pen is described as a "felt tipped pen," which is British English for a magic marker like a Sharpie. For me the key question is what brand of pen was this? My Sharpies usually dry out after about six months, and they aren't being continuously bombarded by stomach acids. From the look of the picture, it didn't even have the cap on.

British Medical Journal, via NY Daily News

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