Nintendo 3DS devices to make the Louvre Museum hip again

Sure, the guidebooks call it a "must visit" while in Paris, but how much street cred does the Louvre really have? Apparently not so much. Even they think they need some help with the young folk, so they've enlisted Nintendo to provide 5,000 3DSs to act as interactive guides

So out with the "oh so 20th century" audioguides, and in with a system that will load special itineraries and offer audio guidance in seven languages? Nintendo will also develop special content for the Museum, though under the museum's guidance.

We're thinking the content will be more along the lines of fact and education than doodling on Mona Lisa's face or kart racing through the exhibits. (But, we have it on good authority some French have a penchant for Mario Kart so we can't be sure.)

The adoption of the 3DS is part of an overhaul of the image of the Museum to appeal to a generation used to dealing with touchscreen, handheld devices. In addition to Nintendo's offering, the Louvre also has an iOS app in the works.

Looking for Michelangelo's David? There's going to be an app for that.

The only issue that remains is how the Museum will keep track of the devices once deployed this coming March. Users will have to rent them as they might have done with an audioguide, but let's just say a Nintendo 3DS has much more "sticky fingers" appeal than the outgoing devices.

Perhaps part of Nintendo's special content for the device will be some sort of security mode that prevents people from strolling off or hacking them. Or, perhaps your passport will be held hostage until your loaner is safely locked back up.

Via TechCrunch

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