Next-gen Nissan Leaf electric cars will be charged wirelessly

Cutting the cables isn't just a nice way to tidy up your home electronics. Why are we plugging our electric cars into a socket, when we're living in a wireless world? Nissan's going to bring wireless charging to the Nissan Leaf — as early as 2013. Woot woot!

A Nissan demonstration reveals that future Nissan Leaf EVs will be cheaper, more efficient and will not require any annoying power cords. Drivers will simply be able to drive over electromagnetic induction mats and the car will receive the electricity to its underbelly.

Charging is said to be "80 to 90 percent efficient and able to charge at rates between 3 and 6 kWs."

Wireless charging stations will reportedly only be available direct from the factory. Pricing for the wireless charging unit hasn't been unveiled yet, but expect it fetch a high dollar.

I guess since we don't have flying cars yet, this will have to do.

Auto Express, via AutoblogGreen