New Kindle Fire update fixes glitches and smoothes out kinks

Check your tablets Kindle Fire owners, because a new software update is zipping through the air to fix those glitchy woes. It's a performance booster, but a big one.

Like Apple, Amazon doesn't drone on about what update 6.2.1 brings. Instead, it gets right to it:

This update enhances fluidity and performance, improves touch navigation responsiveness, gives you the option to choose which items display on the carousel, and adds the ability to add a password lock on Wi-Fi access. The update will be automatically delivered to your Kindle Fire.

The New York Times' David Pogue reviewed the update and seems to deem it a major fix for some of the plaguing Fire problems.

Pogue says that aside from general speed improvements, the carousel's been given a good whooping, magazine page turns are much smoother, and apps open quicker.

But it still stands that no matter how responsive the software becomes over time, the first-gen hardware still leaves much to be desired. Amazon Silk is still kind of average and not quite the speed demon Amazon promised it to be, the screen quality can't match the IPS one on the Nook Tablet, the power/hold button is too easy to press and the speaker is a bit weak.

Nevertheless, a speed boost is still great and anything to help improve the Kindle Fire is welcome.

Amazon, via New York Times

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