New update for Sony's Tablet S turns it into a proper PS1

Sony's underdog Tablet S is the odd ball outta the thin and flat ocean of tablets. It doesn't just resemble a folded magazine with that one-sided hump, but it's also a PlayStation Certified tablet — the only one so far — which means it doubles as a PS1 emulator. And now it supports DualShock PS3 controllers.

Sony Japan issued a new update for the Tablet S that gives it PS3 DualShock controller goodness. The good news is that you won't have to figure out a way to tap those awkwardly placed L1/L2 and R1/R2 touchscreen buttons anymore. The bad news is that the update is Japan-only right now and requires a USB adapter cable. Great, Sony asks for even more money tossed its way.

For a limited time, update grabbers will also find an Ape Escape mini-game collection along with it.

In related mobile PlayStation news, Sony is currently preparing itself for the official PS Vita launch on Dec. 17 in Japan. It's reported that Sony shipped over 700,000 units with 500,000 of those already sold out from pre-orders.

It seems as though the best of PlayStation is on the horizon. Sure, this update is a small one, but I'm still holding my breath on Sony delivering a better library of PS1 classics to a wider range of tablets. Maybe it can even figure out how to port PS2 games to tablets too.

Via Engadget

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