MIT student creates self-balancing unicycle for campus transport

Just about a decade ago, Dean Kamen introduced the Segway, a vehicle that some said would change the way cities were built. Well that didn't happen, but in the meantime, a student at MIT caught up with Kamen with his own self-balancing vehicle.

Although nowhere near as polished or as safe as an actual Segway, this homemade self-balancing unicycle is an impressive bit of do-it-yourself engineering. The vehicle, dubbed the "Bullet" was created by MIT student Stephan Boyer, who admits that the SBU from Focus Designs is a more readily available commercial option. Also Boyer's unicycle has a major short-coming, it only balances forward and backward, not side to side, which makes the experience a little more like riding a motorized bicycle with no hands.

Nevertheless, if inventions that were mentioned as world-changing just a few years ago are now being replicated by university students, just think what other cool inventions we have to look forward to. You can see Boyer's self-balancing unicycle in action in the video below.

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