Homemade 'knock-off Hummer' cost $600 to make

Some guys just need a hobby. Qu Zhibo from China's Sichuan Province is one of those guys — he's spent the last three years cobbling together a miniature vehicle that is dubbed a "knock off " Hummer. Amazingly he only spent about 4,000 yuan ($600 USD) to do it.

The Hummer "kart" is just over six feet long and about four feet high; it operates much like real car would — gas powered, steering, manual drive, etc. The big difference is the start. The kart must be started from behind since the engine, which was remodeled from a motorcycle is located at the back.

Top speed out of that engine? A respectable 18 miles per hour.

Ok, so it may be miniature and it may start a little differently, but it was made with a large dose of pride and care.

Qu hand-crafted everything in his down time from his job as a chef, and having been in the car business before he knows how to MacGuyver parts together. His only purchases were the steering wheel, tires, gas tank and engine. It looks like he may have scavenged a Jeep hood somewhere along the way as well.

The resemblance to a Humvee or Jeep is no coincidence. Qu admits, "I am a military fan, my design is inspired by armored command vehicle. I am thinking of painting it camouflage to make it look more of a real thing."

We are tempted to send him the paint!

Qu knows his car is not like a factory produced showroom model, but you can't help but love his obvious enthusiasm and passion for his little kart as he admits it "is kind of swaggering to drive."

Despite the swagger, this car will not see the open road anytime soon as it is against national policy to put a homemade car on the road.

That's o.k. by Qu who is content to drive his car in the small space in front of his restaurant. Friends are welcome to give it a try, just as long as they stay in the yard.

Go Qu, go!!!

Chinahush, via BoingBoing

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