Luminescent football lights up when you wear special glasses

If you ever get an itch to play a little midnight football, here's a way to keep playing even when it's pitch black outside. The CyberFire football has a special reflective coating, that only shows up when you hit it directly with light from the supplied glasses.

The surface is kind of like one of those safety stickers that reflects light directly back towards a light source, so when you wear the glasses with their built in LED lights the ball will light up brightly. Truth is, the "glasses" aren't really glasses at all, they're just a way to put the light source right next to your eyes for maximum effect. A switch lets you select between red and green LEDs, changing the apparent color of the ball.

Looks like a pretty cool last minute Christmas gift to me.

The CyberFire football is available now from Play Visions for $25.

PlayVisions, via Gizmag

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