Lexus cars recycled into stylish fashion apparel and accessories

Never question the fashion world. As proven by Lady Gaga over the years, anything goes, even Kermit the Frog coats. For apparel made from car parts — Lexus car parts — these designs don't look half bad.

To draw attention to the 90 percent recyclability of one of its cars, Lexus let four fashion designers pick out parts from a disassembled Lexus CT Hybrid and turn them into "wearable works of art."

Together, designers Eddie Borgo, Alejandro Ingelmo, Moss Lipow and John Patrick came up with jackets, shoes, bracelets, rings, necklaces and eyewear taken from the CT hybrid's leather seat covers, rubber and treads.

For apparel made from sustainable car materials, the designers did a slick job. The comfort of the apparel is questionable, but let's be real, when has runway fashion ever been comfy?

Take a look at the creations for yourself in Lexus' video down below.

YouTube, via Notcot

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