Jo-Mojo electric roadster is like a cut price bulletproof Tesla

The Tesla Roadster is probably the coolest electric car around, but not too many people can swing its $109,000 asking price. If you believe that show counts more than go and want something cool to cruise around in, the Dartz Jo-Mojo gives you a lot of the Tesla's sexiness, but for about one third the price.

The price isn't the only feature of the Dartz that's about one third of a Tesla. With 80 horsepower on tap the motor is about one third as powerful as the Tesla's, while the 9.5 second 0-60-mph time is about three times slower than its American rival.

Of course none of this matters if all you want is to cruise around looking cool, and this is where the Dartz scores points. Like those crazy SUVs Dartz makes, the Jo-Mojo is bulletproof, although that seems kind of silly on a roadster where your head is sticking out. There is no retractable roof, but an electric sliding cover protects the interior when you park, and has built in solar cells to help top up the battery.

Dartz says that the Jo-Mojo will launch in mid 2012 for an impossibly low sounding $40,000. I assume that unlike the SUV, this one doesn't come with a personal "massager" for the lady passengers.

Gizmag, via Born Rich

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